Corporate discount cards

LTD LUKOIL GEORGIA started new corporate cards project. Anyone can get cards

New corporate cards pros:

Individual customized discount from 15 tetri to 23 tetry on any type of fuel from the purchase of at least 50lt. From 15 000lt you can have individual discount

Ordering fuel made easy.

You can get your bought fuel on card as fast as possible. You can easily distribute your bought fuel and control your expanse from Web-cabinet

You can write down your car's number on card and nobody can buy fuel with your card except you.

Benefit - you can get 10% discount in Lukoil Georgia's markets

New Discount Conditions

Volume(Lt) Discount (Tetri)
From 50 lt to 150 lt 15 Tetri
From 151 lt to 500 lt 17 Tetri
From 501 lt to 1000 19 Tetri
From 1001 lt to 5000 21 Tetri
From 5001 lt to15000 23 Tetri
15001lt and more Individual Discount